Geared toward providing service and resources to attorneys who provide legal services directly to Tribes and Tribal Governments, the Tribal In-house Counsel Association (TICA) connects members and provides both a forum and community for Tribal Government legal issues.

TICA was formed in 2012 out of the growing Tribal in-house type of practice structure.  More and more Tribes find either through governmental need or for cost-effective solutions that they need an internal legal structure in addition to any law firm issue-specific representation.  While there are several legal associations geared for Tribal practitioners in general, TICA focuses on issues and practices specific and unique to lawyers employed directly by a Tribal Government, Tribal Enterprise, or other similar entity.

Membership Info:

Full Membership in TICA affords tribal government employees access to a growing, practical resource, either from connection with other members, to all developing resources and member events.  Full membership provides members with opportunity to directly vote for leadership and have a guiding hand in the organization and its direction, provide input on developing specific resource areas and CLE topic areas, as well as free access to one TICA-sponsored CLE per year. 

Associate Memberships are available for those individuals who are in private practice and have an in-house aspect to their practice, or for practitioners who would like to maintain a connection to day-to-day tribal legal concerns and issues.  Membership allows associate members to access resources, one free TICA-sponsored CLE per year, invitations to events, but is a non-voting membership.

All members will receive discounts to additional TICA-sponsored CLE's as well as notice and invitations to TICA-sponsored events.

Full Member: $75

Associate Member: $150

Coming Soon: Student Membership

To Pay Membership Dues online, please complete the Membership form first and then follow the link in the navigation bar above.  Thank you!